Sunday, March 23, 2008

i hardly saw thee

i remember hearing "Planning for a Prison Break" about two years ago when The Receiving End of Sirens were about to go on the taste of chaos tour of 2006 with Thrice and The Deftones(a tour that i missed) and me being really hooked on that song that summer before tower records announced that it was going out of business i bought their first album release "Between The Heart And The Synapse". i skimmed through the songs until one day i just listened to the whole record and initially didn't like it at first but it grew on me and loved the album as a whole instead of 1 or 2 songs.

i got into treos when they were about to finish up touring for that album cycle and start writing for their new album fast forward to last year when "The Earth Sings Mi Fa Mi" i remember getting it on its release date ad just falling in love with that album in which i wrote a paper on but also didn't really listen to anything else until the Thrice record came out in october. i was hoping to see them on their headlining tour but i couldn't see them because of warped tour and them playing the troubadour on a monday night(crappy parking and worse traffic just getting there) was pretty much out of the question, i got a chance to see them with New Found Glory and Senses Fail it was a great show and a great performance even though their set wasn't that long and their songs are long so they didn't get to play much, but it comes as a shock to hear them call it quits and after reading there post of on it's happening it's understandable to why they're splitting because being a father and not being home to be able to raise your child is hard among other things.

i saw a lot potential in this band after hearing their first album and was further impressed by what they did on "the earth sings mi fa mi", i'm going to miss this band hoping that they get back together in a few years or so i think every fan of treos would love that. i would hope that with there last two announced shows on the east coast that they would make a dvd/cd combo for the fans so we have something to remember them by other than their albums and music videos. i will miss thee treos.

currently listening to: "The Heir of Empty Breath" - The Receiving End of Sirens

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